QSTARZ GPS Sports Recorder Unleashed – BT-Q1300S

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This small gadget is the QStarz Sports Recorder, its model name is BT-Q1300S.
It is a GPS tracking device that records how far you run, cycle, walk or even motorcycle about. Then, when you get home, you can upload the information to your notebook or Personal Computer and your route will be nicely mapped out, with times, average speeds, and most importantly according to your activity, it predicts how many calories you lost.
With Q-Starz user friendly software it can help you keep track of and plan a healthy exercise routine to suit your needs.
Lets take a closer look:
I have here with me a boxed Sports Recorder from Q-Starz. The box is white, crisp and clean. It has lots of sport action figures as well as bulleted key points about the product, which seems to be in 8 eight different languages.
I think the box design is both interesting and appealing. This is what it will look like in a store near you. So be sure to buy one when you see it.
The front of the box has a clear plastic face where the product can be seen. Lets open it up.:
we have the Sports Recorder, with attached keychain. This is important because the gadget can only work when it is outdoors. It communicates with satellites and needs to communicate with at least three satellites to be able to have an accurate plot point. The frequency of the plotting can be set to once every second, or once every 5 seconds. It all depends on your activity.
Looking further, we have the manual, a Support CD, and this very orange armband which you saw me wearing earlier.
Its made of neoprene, so it is not affected by sweat, while at the same time it holds the device securely to your arm or leg while you are moving about.
It also has a USB cable for connecting with your Computer, and a car cigarette lighter charger.
I also want to mention that it has Bluetooth connectivity, so it means you can upload data directly to your PDA, your notebook or your home PC through Bluetooth, making this extremely versatile and convenient for people on the go.
Now Im going to show you how it works:
I take the Sports Recorder and download my route to my notebook like so..
I open the QSport software by double clicking here, and it opens up, make sure the Bluetooth connection is on in the notebook, also make sure your profile is correctly updated. When you install the software you will be required to enter all your personal information like height, weight and date of birth. The program, then projects where you are in terms of your health.
Lucky for me, I am still within normal limits for my age and height. But I am this way because I follow my plan every day. You can too.
The program allows you to put in your goal weight and how long you want to take to get there. It will then assist you to plan the routine thats best for you.
On the calendar view, I get to see if I am sticking to my schedule or not. The happy face or sad face encourages me to improve. A really cool function is that the data is mapped out on the activities view and I can see exactly the route I took, the height above sea level and the amount of times I stopped. I can also link this tracking information to any photos I took for geotagging options.
The QSport software is very immersive and has a lot of useful and interesting information to help you attain your desired fitness level and weight.
The QStar Sport recorder is definitely a sportsmans or in my case sportswomans dream come true.
Realize your sporting dreams and plan your healthy future today with one of these incredible gadgets: The QStar GPS Sports Recorder.

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