Google Adsense Account Disabled – Invalid Click Activity

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It is not possible to monetize videos on YouTube without a Google Adsense account. It seems like there are thousands of channels that have fallen victim to the strict policy of Google Adsense where the only chance of getting reinstated is an appeal process that most likely will just send an automated response saying you are denied the ability to have your monetization enabled. Oh no! This means no money from views!!

If your account was also disabled, I am sorry but I have no information for you. This is just a video for me to explain my story.
Basically, you are screwed. You will not be able to get reinstated unless the appeal works (Which it almost never does for anyone). There is no alternative to make money directly from views. There are not networks that will accept you without an adsense account.
My advice is to look for other ways to make money (Like sell things on a personal website) or just make videos for fun and because you have a passion for your content.

Anyway, these are my thoughts. As I explain, I will continue to make videos for free because my purpose is to enrich the lives of others. Don’t be fooled though! Just because I can’t make money directly from YouTube DOES NOT mean I will not be successful.

I’m not making money from YouTube and I’m okay with that.

Never give up! And Stay Positive!

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