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CCNA 200-120 – Free CCNA Video Training – what is computer network fundamentals and how does it work? A computer network is a system that can connect multiple computer and networking device together with the help of cable media or wireless media for making connection.

You can see three computers are here, and every computer has it’s own central processing unit (CPU). All computers are individually working fine, but they can not communicate
With each other, because there is no network connection.

Suppose Computer A wants to print a photo or Computer B wants to send a file to computer C, what will happen then? For printing a photo, You need to buy a Printer and sending a file to another computer needs to set up a network.

After buying a printer computer A can not print because I did not make a connection between them. Now I will make a connection between computer A and Printer And also I will make a connection between computer B and computer C.

Now Computer A and Printer are connected with each other
And both computer B and Computer C are connected as well.

After making a connection between both device Computer A can print a photo through printer And also Computer B can send a file to the Computer C.

Now computer A can print but when computer B and computer C need to print a photo they can not, because there is no printer available and also computer A can not communicate with computer B and computer C, as because there is no network connection.

Now all computers can print photos or document Because three printers are available this time but it is very costly to set up. That’s why computer Networks and networking have grown exponentially over the past 20 years. You can buy only one printer and share it with network.

Now all computers can communicate with each other and all of them can also print by using a single printer. That is the beauty of networking.

CCNA 200-120 (Part -1) that I have described what is computer network and Free CCNA Video Training 2014 is updated all it’s video content.


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