iPhone app allows better access for disabled

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(20 Feb 2011)
AP Television
Berlin, Germany – February 16th, 2011
1. Mid of Raul Krauthausen, founder of ‘wheelmap.org’, with iPhone in front of shop, zoom in on ‘wheelmap.org’ application
2. Wide of Raul Krauthausen in wheelchair in front of shop
3. Mid tracking shot of Raul Krauthausen driving down street
4. Close tracking shot of wheelchair zoom out to wide of Krauthausen driving down street
5. Mid of Raul Krauthausen approaching shop entrance, then stopping at high step at entrance
6. Close of Raul Krauthausen with iPhone in front of shop UPSOUND (German) Raul Krauthausen:
“This place is definitely not wheelchair accessible. It has a very high step at the entrance. And therefore I will make an entry here concerning its status.”
7. Wide of Raul Krauthausen outside shop
8. Mid of Raul Krauthausen driving into caf�
9. Close of Raul Krauthausen looking at iPhone in caf�
10. Mid of table and caf� counter
11. SOUNDBITE: (German) Raul Krauthausen, Founder, ‘wheelmap.org’:
“Wheelmap has two ideas. On the one hand, we want to be a kind of navigation aid for wheelchair users and offer them opportunities to exchange information about which places are appropriate and accessible to them. Secondly, we want to motivate the places which are not wheelchair-friendly to become accessible.”
12. Mid of Raul Krauthausen at table with coffee, using his iPhone
13. SOUNDBITE: (German) Raul Krauthausen, Founder, ‘wheelmap.org’:
“This place is already marked, it is partially accessible. That means I can get in but the toilet is not accessible for the disabled.”
14. Wide of Raul Krauthausen in caf�
15. Mid of Raul Krauthausen driving down street on pavement
16. Close of wheelchair, tilt up to Raul Krauthausen sitting in his office with a notebook
17. Mid of notebook screen showing ‘wheelmap.org’ Web site, UPSOUND (German) Raul Krauthausen:
“I once drove by there myself and I know it is not wheelchair accessible.”
18. Mid of Raul Krauthausen looking at notebook screen
19. Close of hand scrolling wheel on computer mouse
20. Close of ‘wheelmap.org’ Web site UPSOUND (German) Raul Krauthausen:
“The unrated locations are grey. Red is for the locations which are definitely not wheelchair accessible.”
21. SOUNDBITE: (German) Raul Krauthausen, Founder, ‘wheelmap.org’:
“It is similar to Google maps, on the basis of open street maps. It is a kind of Wikipedia of cartographical material where everyone can rate whether locations are wheelchair accessible or not. You do not have to be a computer expert or cartographer, you just have to know your neighbourhood around you. Then if a location gets marked, everyone can see it on the map.”
22. Close of ‘wheelmap.org’ logo on Web site
23. Close of various locations appearing on Web site
24. SOUNDBITE: (German) Raul Krauthausen, Founder, wheelmap.org:
“I use the wheelmap app two, three times a day, either because I am rating locations I just passed or to search for a location where I can go when I meet people.”
25. Close of location being rated on Web site
26. Close of filter options on Web site UPSOUND (German) Raul Krauthausen:
“I can use filters here, so it can show me which caf�s or bars or restaurants are wheelchair accessible or at least partially wheelchair accessible.”
27. Mid of Raul Krauthausen’s silhouette in front of screen
28. Wide of Raul Krauthausen leaving his office
29. Wide of Berlin city skyline with Spree River, TV tower and museum
30. Close of sign outside city building reading (German) “Berlin barrier-free”
31. Mid of Dr. Juergen Schneider, regional commissioner for disabled people in Berlin, leaving building
33. Close of sign for toilets accessible to handicapped

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