How to Create a Click Event Tag in Google Tag Manager

Google Learning
Think of your Trigger as the first domino – it is the catalyst that sparks change down the line. It tells your Tag that it needs to fire when certain conditions are met.

So now it’s time to make that Tag!

1) Navigate to Tags option on the lefthand side
2) Click ‘New’
3) Select ‘Google Analytics’
4) Choose ‘Universal Analytics’
5) Input your Tracking ID – I have mine saved as a variable so ignore the {{gaProperty}} text you see in the screengrab
6) Configure tag type in the Track Type dropdown. Select ‘Event’
Category, Action and Label are for your own convenience. Name them something that will remind you what is being reported in Google Analytics.
7) Finally at Step 4, ‘Fire On’, scroll over to the ‘More’ option and select the Trigger we created earlier
8) Finish up by clicking the blue ‘Create Tag’ button

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