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This short article will cover how you can track the progress of your e-commerce website link on your Instagram page on Google Analytics.

Instagram is a robust social media platform which has become increasingly popular due to its capability of allowing users to post videos and pictures and also enabling users to advertise on the platform. It has been deemed to be extremely useful in marketing e-commerce businesses as images and videos may make a product more attractive to people. However, there is no way to track the progress of your website from your Instagram page site. The only way to put your e-commerce link on Instagram is through your profile and the link in the profile cannot be tracked by Google Analytics. However, some people have been able to trace their links by converting the link into a bit ly link which looks ugly and unpresentable and some people think it looks like spam. You can easily bypass this problem without having to use a bit ly link and you can successfully utilize Instagram in marketing your e-commerce store.

How to make your business e-commerce site link in your Instagram page trackable in Google Analytics

Google Analytics is crucial to the success of an online store as it offers a free report on the traffic of the e-commerce store and this report can give indepth information about how much traffic is coming into the site and where they are coming from.

If you can track your Instagram page website link, you can determine how many people are coming to your website from your Instagram page and discern if your marketing strategy is successful. A lot of e-commerce owners wonder how they can see the success of their website link on their Instagram page by knowing how many individuals move from their Instagram page to their website. To successfully get this information, you can do a 301 redirect if you are a tech savvy person. For instance, I use a link to my e-commerce store name and my e-commerce products in such manner; and this is not a real link, but when people click on it, it does a 301 redirect to my homepage with the UTM tracking. The UTM tracking tells Google Analytics that this link comes from a site. Doing this may be a bit technical for people who are not tech savvy, but for those who are tech savvy, it is simple to use a 301 redirect so as to monitor the link on Google Analytics.

For the tech savvy people, the bullet points which will come in handy are- profile to a fake link to your website and then do a 301 redirect to a link that has a UTM tracking. This will enable Google Analytics to track the progress of your Instagram marketing from your page on Instagram. This will allow you to strategize and know what steps will be required to add more impact to your Instagram page. Using a bit ly link may be a solution as well, but it is less likely to attract clients as it looks ugly, and people see it as a spam link which may corrupt their phones and PCs. So the best bet for the proper marketing of your e-commerce store is doing a 301 redirect with a UTM tracking.
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