How to Use Facebook’s Transparency Center to Understand the Social Network Better


Facebook wants to be clearer about its policies to help you better understand the app, and has launched a new resource to help in this respect.

Facebook’s Transparency Center is a one-stop shop for anyone looking to understand how the platform deals with all manners of things.

This article will help you navigate the Transparency Center so you can understand the social media network better.

What Is Facebook’s Transparency Center?

Facebook’s Transparency Center is a hub for all of Facebook’s policies—a single destination for all information relating to its integrity and transparency efforts.

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It is designed to provide more insight on its policies. Facebook has been criticized by many for a perceived lack of transparency, especially around policies affecting users’ online rights.

Advocates are concerned about how the company uses and shares users’ information, how it polices and manages users’ speech, and how it regulates information on its platform.

How to Navigate Facebook’s Transparency Center and Understand Its Policies

Facebook transparency center

Below, you’ll find out what you can learn when using Facebook’s Transparency Center.


Upon opening the Transparency Center, you land on the Data tab. Here, you can find all of Facebook’s transparency reports. Scroll down the homepage to explore these reports, such as Facebook’s Community Standards Enforcement.

The aim of these reports is to give you insight into how Facebook enforces its policies, responds to data requests, and protects intellectual property—while ensuring that access to Facebook’s technologies is not limited.


The Policies tab explains Facebook’s community standards. It talks about how the company tackles violent and criminal behavior, objectionable content (such as hate speech, sexual content, and nudity), respecting intellectual property, and more.

You can also read up on other policies such as advertising policies, along with content related to WhatsApp and Instagram.


This section helps you understand how Facebook enforces all of its policies. It details how the company detects, reviews, and takes action against violations, with the help of both its employees and technology.

The company claims that its reviewers sift through and act on “millions of pieces of content” every day, with the aim of removing, reducing and informing.

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This section will help you understand Facebook’s efforts to safeguard elections and combat misinformation. Here, Facebook details the steps it is taking to “help protect the integrity of elections and reduce the spread of misinformation.”

In going through this section, you will gain more insight into the role that Facebook takes on in empowering people to vote—as well as fighting the spread of misinformation on the app. This includes the use of fact-checkers and ensuring that its policies are adhered to.

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This final section will help you understand the role of Facebook’s Oversight Board, which helps Facebook resolve issues around freedom of expression online. Included in this section are its purpose and its various governing documents, such as its bylaws and consultation process and report.

At the bottom of the page are posts relating to the work of Facebook’s Oversight Board to keep you in the loop on the cases it is handling.

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Facebook Is Working on Transparency. But Is It Enough?

It’s clear that Facebook is trying to do something about the years-long criticism it has received in relation to transparency.

While its Transparency Center is a step in the right direction, the tech giant still has a long way to go. It’ll take a lot more than a single resource center to instil trust in its users, critics, and the relevant authorities.

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