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Google Apps for Education
Using a cloud-based platform, Minnetonka students have access to their work, anytime anywhere, from any device with Google Apps for education. Google apps also enable more frequent and efficient feedback from teachers and more timely assessment for learning.
Checking homework, giving quizzes, or providing feedback on papers used to consume hours or days for a teacher. With real-time technology tools, the process of assessing what students know can be reduced to minutes. Teachers have much more insight into which lessons and concepts are understood and which need to be retaught. With Google docs, students can submit essays online, the teacher can comment online, and the feedback can be incorporated into a revised draft—without waiting for the teacher to return papers in class the next day. But perhaps the most powerful advantage is the opportunity for real-time collaboration. Students share ideas and knowledge. When group projects are assigned, a team of five can simultaneously be writing, editing and enhancing a story, paper or presentation. It is no longer one person’s responsibility to put together the final product.

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